Optimization and Prediction of  Dielectric Behavior of Air Gaps 


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Air gap arrangements and composite insulators are essential parts for almost every electrotechnical application. The ability to control the dielectric behavior (Corona and Breakdown) of these arrangements is of great importance in field applications like circuit breaking, air cleaning, painting, etc.

After the successful completion of the study proposed in this project, the new findings, concerning the optimization of the dielectric behavior of air gaps with the use of the results of experimental work and simulation and theoretical analysis, will give the potential for a further improvement of device construction and operation, used for the above mentioned applications. The improvement concerns the increase of the Corona Onset and the Breakdown voltage, as well as the decrease of the Corona effects and hence the Corona losses of the air gaps, based on the application of different grounding methods and different positioning of a barrier in the gap. This will therefore be an overall benefit of all the Greek and European society since these structures or devices are widely used and have nothing to do with specific technological areas.

Although the proposed project is not part of actions related to environmental research or environmental education, the goals referring to minimize Corona losses and optimize the overall dielectric behavior of the gaps, in terms of Corona and breakdown voltage, can directly and positively affect the environment through the optimization of the operation of electrotechnical constructions, of ozone production facilities, electrostatic filters, electrostatic painting, etc.

The ability to predict whether Corona or Breakdown is going to occur in an air gap, with only the use of simulation analysis, will help avoid difficult, expensive and dangerous laboratory experimentations. It will be a very important step towards the application of Virtual Engineering in High Voltages.

The formation and proof of the Corona Current Theorem, will lay the basis for further investigation of the influence of space electric charges on the electric field distribution in insulating arrangements. In connection to the Polarity Effect it will also give a new perspective to the investigation and improvement of High Voltage applications, and atmospheric phenomena, like lightning.