Optimization and Prediction of  Dielectric Behavior of Air Gaps 


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The research project proposed can be considered as a continuation of a research program carried out within Archimedes II at the Electrical Engineering Department of the T.E.I of Larissa, (2004-2010).

That project concerned the investigation of the dielectric behavior of small air gaps and led to the completion of a PhD thesis from Ass. Professor Dr Athanasios Maglaras. Within that project besides thoroughly investigating the dielectric behavior of air gaps, there was a first attempt to study two new phenomena for High Voltage applications, a) the effect of grounding and b) the effect of Corona current. The outcome was impressive and combined with the theoretical and experimental results led to the formation of a new expression of the 3rd law of Newton, similar to Lenz’s Law.

The proposed research project has two basic scopes:

  • To investigate the optimization and the prediction of the dielectric behavior of especially air gaps, based on the effects of Ground, Corona Current, and Barrier, and the use of theoretical and simulation analysis.
  • To reform the Corona Current Rule, concerning the Corona Current Effect and the effort to advance it in to a theorem after it is mathematically proven.

The project will be consisted of five workpackages.

  • The first Workpackage concerns the preparation of an analytical plan and the methodology of the research project.
  • The second Workpackage includes the preparation of all experimental arrangements and the experimentations.
  • Workpackage three concerns the modulation and analysis of the former arrangements with simulation methods, a comparison between simulation and experimental results, and the formation of special models.
  • The fourth workpackage will focus on optimizing and predicting the dielectric behavior of air gaps.
  • Finally in the last workpackage there will be an effort to form and mathematically prove the theorem expressed.


High Voltage, Air Gap, Corona, Breakdown, Ground, Barrier, Optimization, prediction

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